Safety, First Aid and Extinguishers

Safety is important to us... as it should be to you and your employees! We can supply everything you need to secure your workplace, to make sure your employees are protected, and to ensure your staff is ready in case of an accident.

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The type of safety equipment you require may vary greatly depending on the type of business you operate. All places of employment are required by law, or by common sense, to have basic safety elements, such as first aid kits, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, and exit signs. But as the number of employees increase or the workplace becomes more hazardous, the quantity of safety equipment required can grow exponentially! For example, places open to the public may require crowd and traffic control equipment, special floor matting, floor signs, and a much larger first aid station, whereas places where staff can be exposed to commercial chemicals and products require WHMIS labels and kits, safety cabinets, special fire protection and spill control equipment. But having a safe workplace is only half the battle. Although laws, rules and regulations vary depending on the type of industry, in most cases, the employer or the owner is responsible for the safety of everyone on the site, and must make sure that all employees or visitors have and use the proper personal protection equipment required. That can include everything from simply wearing a helmet and boots on the job site, to having the proper hearing, eye and hand protection to accomplish a task, or having fall protection equipment or special protective clothing when working in a dangerous location.

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