Janitorial Equipment and Supplies

Some people say a clean workplace is an efficient work space. We can supply you with the cleaning equipment and the supplies you need to get your place spotless, as well as the paper products to wipe up those unexpected messes.

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Whether your business is small or large, industrial or open to the public, you always need cleaning equipment and supplies. From brooms and mop wringers for tiny offices, vacuum cleaners and floor polishers for gigantic spaces, all the way to hot air hand dryers and soap dispensers for your washrooms, we can make sure you have the right equipment. But even if you have the proper equipment, you'll work twice as hard unless you have a powerful cleaning product such as commercial toilet bowl cleaners or industrial floor cleaners to attack professional grade dirt and grime! Don't forget to include paper products in your war on dirt! Tissues and toilet paper for the washrooms, paper towels and plastic utensils for the lunch room, you never realize how precious these products are... until you need them and you don't have them!

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